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We are always buying records & tapes

  • Do you have records you haven’t listened to in years?
  • Are you moving soon and need to downsize?
  • Are you cleaning out a relative’s house and found records?

We have over 30 years of experience buying and selling records and will offer you fair market value for your collection.

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It’s all about the condition

Collectors that buy records are very particular, and have developed a system over the years to grade each album based on the condition. Records that are in poor condition or are common titles, are priced by volume. Records that are in good condition and have an appeal to other collectors, are more valuable, and they can be worth up to $5 each.

If you have a well curated collection of Jazz, Blues, R&B, Classical, vintage Rock, Soul, World music, Reggae, etc. and they are in excellent condition, we could pay up to 50% of the resale value.

Records damaged by mold, heavy smoking, water, heat, or animals do not have value anymore. Remember what we mentioned earlier about how particular collectors can be.

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