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Want List Records is a record store in Newton, MA, run by Dave Belson and Brian Coleman. We offer well curated collections of used records for sale. As well as a small selection of new releases.

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Want List Records
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Craig MilleyCraig Milley
16:30 20 Aug 22
I absolutely love this store. It's in a cool and easy to visit location. The selection is always changing, prices are fair, and the ambiance is spectacular. But the best part is the two owners, Dave and Brian. They are knowledgeable and super friendly and definitely "get" what the old school record store rats are looking for. I pretty much go their every week and I think it's mostly for the really good conversations I have and overhear. I also really like the selection. I don't really enjoy the stores that only sell current re-presses, and I don't like the stores that have a poor treasure-to-trash ratio. These guys offer a well curated selection of interesting titles and are super scrupulous about selling only good condition vinyl. It makes shopping a delight. You should definitely patronize this great store!
Jay HarrisJay Harris
11:49 28 May 22
Great selection of new and old records. Small so you can check out just about everything but pretty much guaranteed to find something you like. They have a high standard for what they want to sell which means when a record isn't near mint they severely lower the price of it.
Gail GuerreroGail Guerrero
18:30 27 May 22
Great selection of clean used records. Dave & Brian are incredibly knowledgeable and friendly. Definitely worth the trip.
Zachary WarfZachary Warf
22:46 24 Apr 22
A lovely new record store, which greater Boston needed. Most excellent curation of selection, from jazz, hip hop, reggae, world, rock and much more. You will find lots of stuff you won’t see anywhere else at killer prices to boot. David and Brian are great guys with a great knowledge of music. Go check it out!
Rob HochschildRob Hochschild
16:35 29 Dec 21
Want List Records is a great store and it gives me hope. Hope, despite living in a world where we are inundated with algorithm-generated music and "content" that lacks the human touch. The super-knowledgeable owners of Want List—Dave (see pic) and Brian—have wide-ranging interests and this new store continues to evolve in beautiful ways.On my first trip to WLR, I bought some cool very off-the-beaten track jazz and rock, and the second time picked up three LPs by artists I love—Stevie Wonder, Alex Chilton, and Louis Armstrong—all albums I had never heard or heard of until I walked into the store. It was like that scene in High Fidelity. Every time Dave put on a record, everyone was scrambling to find out what it was.Brian not only co-owns the store; he's written several books about hip-hop and the history of the Boston music and arts scene, and is an endless source of insights. Dave seems to be passionate about artists from every corner of the music universe. This stuff is heavily curated, people.I live in Boston, and while there are some fine vinyl shops here and there, it is well worth the short drive to get over there and see what new stuff has arrived at Want List. I even found myself in a debate with another customer about who was the greater songwriter: Townes or Dylan. This place is a treasure.
douglas robertsdouglas roberts
22:01 09 Dec 21
Decent selection of used vinyl, some hard to find titles, decent prices. Worth a visit.
Michael KeddyMichael Keddy
23:32 18 Sep 21
Whelp, the Greater Boston area has a brand new record store and boy is it a good one. David Belson and Brian Coleman have put together an amazing space with some pretty incredible records. They have great selections of jazz, rock, soul, reggae, hip hop and some other weirder things too. Not only will you walk away with some great finds but you’ll probably learn about something new in the process. Both guys are incredibly knowledgeable and willing to share in what they know. I can honestly say that I have a new favorite shop to visit when I’m out Boston way. Do yourself a favor and pay them a visit, you won’t be disappointed.
Al DeaderickAl Deaderick
19:07 18 Sep 21
This is a great hidden spot for record lovers looking for reggae, rap, punk, jazz, etc. The proprietors are knowledgeable and helpful and I suspect they are very handsome under the masks.